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Accepting death can be extensively difficult. However, deep down we know that it is a given that every living thing will die.

The human body does not meet an enviable end; and this end is not limited to the old and wobbly. 

When people we know die, we respond differently; based on the proximity of our relationship with them. 

Sudden deaths  may affect us intensely because it brings to our awareness the futility of life and the inevitability of death. This means we do not grieve their loss alone, but the fact of our own mortality. 

It is often said that coming to terms with death helps us live a richer, fuller and more positive life on earth. 

Common Causes Of Death

This is a list of some common causes of death, especially abroad:

1. Crime

Death can occur as a result of criminal activities; either of another party or the person involved. 

Investigation and enquires into crime is always the responsibility of local authorities where the death occurred. 

This may complicate and delay repatriation processes.

2. Infectious Diseases

The global pandemic of 2020 is a perfect example. When a person dies abroad in such a manner, repatriation becomes very problematic. 

In many countries, especially in the West, cremation is often the most sensible option.

3. Terrorist Attacks

A pronounced problem with this is the problem of identifying remains. Some governments offer compensation to the family members of the deceased.

4. Road Traffic and Other Accidents

This is a common cause of death due to the large numbers of people commuting per day.

5. Hostile Environments

Remains in war zones or polar extremes are less likely to be retrieved.

The Importance Of Travel Insurance

Death is inevitable, even though you may still have many long years to live. 

This is the reason travel and funeral insurance exists to assist family members with the demands of funeral rites.

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