Paperwork Needed To Transport Remains From Abroad

Repatriation of a loved one

Who to inform when a death occurs 

What to do when a loved one dies abroad

Repatriating a body to Nigeria from Abroad

Repatriating a body is a difficult process that involves a lot of legal paperwork, understanding the rules and regulations of the country being repatriated to and from, the transportation process of the body in these countries, and the various documentation from different institutions within each of these countries, from the courts to the hospitals and […]

Assisting People In Diaspora

Beyond death and a funeral

Most times, death is not something we look forward to, as we never really want to lose the feeling of safe haven we enjoy around loved ones. However, this does not underscore our desire to give a befitting farewell and that’s where the funeral directors one in. Most times, that when we wish they wrote […]

Assisting People In Diaspora

Nothing prepares one for the death of a loved one, the pain of the loss and the sudden realization of the need to prepare for a funeral. The planning and process involved can be overwhelming and daunting. Thinking of various things from funeral or cremation costs and services to purchasing of coffins or caskets, the […]