Repatriating a body to Nigeria from Abroad

Repatriating a body to Nigeria from Abroad

Repatriating a body to Nigeria from Abroad

Repatriating a body is a difficult process that involves a lot of legal paperwork,
understanding the rules and regulations of the country being repatriated to and from, the
transportation process of the body in these countries, and the various documentation
from different institutions within each of these countries, from the courts to the hospitals
and police. That is why Omega Funerals is here to serve and help you navigate this
difficult period.

At Omega Funerals, we ensure that repatriation to Nigeria from Abroad is not stressful,
difficult, tasking, or painful for you. We know that this period is strenuous, but we have
created a way to lift this burden from you.
Omega Funerals will guarantee you the following:
1. Professionalism when performing our duties
2. Handling transportation with care, respect and dignity
3. Working with local authorities, funeral homes in the country of repatriation, and
logistic companies, to make the repatriation process seamless
4. Price transparency from the moment we start working for you
5. Ensuring a smooth clearance process with the customs authorities and every
relevant authority
6. Working with a sense of urgency to ensure that the body arrives at the family’s
chosen funeral home at the given time
7. Assisting in the transportation of the deceased to any location in Nigeria, whether
by road or air
8. Assisting in retrieving the deceased from any location in the UK,
9. Providing storage for the deceased in our facility in the UK
10. Providing documentation to make make the repatriation process is stressless
11. Providing a door to door service from the UK to Nigeria

Omega is a fantastic funeral home. It is clean, tidy, neat, affordable, and the staff are extraordinary: They are professional, courteous, respectful, helpful, kind, and compassionate. I give the company an overall rating of 99%.

Toyin Lasisi

Omega funeral homes is only the best funeral home I know! Their services are top notch and they are very prompt at what they do. I highly recommend this organization to anyone who is looking for the best funeral service for his/her relative.

Abiola Awojoodu

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