Omega Funeral Home is a Nigerian based funeral service provider established with liaison operations in the United Kingdom. Under the leadership of our experienced, US-trained head mortician, Omega has grown into one of the most respected and sought-after funeral service provider in Nigeria and indeed Africa

Losing a loved one is never an easy time, and the burden of having to make funeral arrangements while you grieve can cause a great deal of strain. We understand this, and we are here to help.

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The Role Of Cemeteries In Mourning and Grief

The Role Of Cemeteries In Mourning and Grief

Dealing with the death of a loved can be the most difficult time in a person’s life. It may cause their emotions to start whirling out of control. One way to achieve stability is by visiting the resting place of a loved one.  People grieve differently and this can be observed from the different kinds



Cemeteries reflect the history of a place; as many important figures are buried there. Today, cemeteries portray the past with grand architecture and quite a number of them in the world have become attractions.  The New Lucky Restaurant This is located in the hills of the Dharamsala region of India. When construction began at the


What To Wear To A Funeral

The general funeral etiquette requires you to wear black clothing. Colours like navy blue, maroon and grey can be a good alternative. You should also dress in a conservative and respectful way.  A number of factors will  determine what you choose to wear. For instance, Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and each

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