Most times, death is not something we look forward to, as we never really want to lose the feeling of safe haven we enjoy around loved ones.

However, this does not underscore our desire to give a befitting farewell and that’s where the funeral directors one in. Most times, that when we wish they wrote down a list of what to do.

What cloth they want, what songs they want, their preferred posture, the foods they would definitely want on the menu, their favourite priests. Would they want to be immortalized in cremation artifacts, urns or would they prefer a plot or even want to be a eco friendly monument like a tree.

It is never too late or too early to engage a funeral director, you get to discuss all these and so much more without the gloom of death hanging over your heads and when there is a demise, the funeral director takes up the task of ensuring all your desires are met while you grieve your loss.

When you use a professional funeral director, you are assured of a string and reliable should during and after your farewell is said