Repatriation: How To Return a Deceased Person’s Body Back To Nigeria

Repatriation: How To Return a Deceased Person’s Body Back To Nigeria

In this present age, more and more people travel abroad frequently, either for pleasure or in search of greener pastures.

Even when they are hale and hearty, dying abroad is always a possibility. This often leads to a lot of complications; due to the paperwork involved. 

Returning the remains of a friend, family or loved one must be in compliance with the processes and regulations of both the foreign country and Nigeria.

Here is a quick guide on what to do when something of such dire nature occurs:

  1. Register the death

You can obtain a death certificate from a hospital or a medical doctor. 

  1.  Contact the authorities

Contact relevant authorities in the foreign country.The Nigerian Embassy is a good place to start. 

However, this does not mean that they will assume any responsibility for repatriating the remains. You will receive their support and direction where necessary.

  1. Apply for a grant of right to repatriate

The disembarking country will demand for certain documents to grant this right. 

If you have any questions concerning this matter, Omega Funeral home can help. Contact us without delay.

  1. Travel or funeral insurance

Although this is quite an unpopular concept in Nigeria, find out whether the deceased person has an insurance that covers repatriation. This is important if you must save cost.

  1. Transporting the remains 

We provide assistance with the best transport options.

Airlines are the most commonly used option, however the remains can also be transported by road (within the continent) or by sea.

We are available to help you with the repatriation arrangements. 

We understand the pain of losing a loved one and the frustration of waiting for the remains to arrive back home. 

No matter the circumstance, we have what it takes to cater for your needs in such trying times.

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