If the ground around a grave is uneven or the grass is dying, you may just be standing before a sinking grave. This could also be happening if the gravestone starts to lean or tilt.

It is usually caused by decomposition of the things in the soil, bad drainage, erosion of the ground around the grave.

A sinking grave does not only look bad, it is dangerous! It can cause the coffin to collapse, be dislodged, open up completely; and cause the body to be exposed.

Sunken graves prevent loved ones from visiting their deceased relatives. It can cause health hazards for the general public as a breeding ground for disease carrying animals. It can even cause death for people (especially children) living nearby.

If you notice any of the above-named signs, do not hesitate to fix it up; first to respect the memory of the deceased and then to ensure the safety of others.

 Make The Place Secure:

You can do this by putting a red tape around or a warning sign to keep people away.

 Find Out Why the Grave is Sinking:

Common causes are poor drainage, faulty burial vault, compaction of the soil or the ground has shifted and is no longer supporting the grave’s weight.


The process of excavating the grave should be done by only a professional.

 Fix The Problem:

You may need to add drainage, compact the soil, replace the burial vault and reinstall the grass. Simply put, just fix whatever was ‘broken’ and stabilize the gravestone afterwards.

 Refill the Grave:

Use clean topsoil and compost mixture. Ensure you replant the grass and water it regularly.


Monitor and Maintain the Grave:

A further sinking may occur, especially if the gravesite is in an area with high water tables or shifting soils.


Take Preventive Measures:

Always choose a burial site away from trees and large plants because their roots can cause the ground to shift. Avoid areas that are prone to flooding and purchase a grave liner to support the sides of the coffin.

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