Mortuary Services

Recovery & Pick Up

We will send one of our recovery vehicles to any location to collect human remains and bring them to our funeral Home. With our dedicated 24-hour customer service hotline, you can contact us any time to arrange pick-up.


Embalming is the art of preserving human remains by treating them to forestall decomposition. This allows the deceased to lay in state for a longer period while mourners pay their respects ahead of cremation or burial. At Omega, we professionally treat a body with a variety or preservatives, depending on the cause of death.


Interment or cremation cannot always take place immediately, which is why we offer carefully monitored refrigerated storage for as long as required. Our executive class refrigeration units are backed up with stand-by generators that can supply 24 hours of electricity in the event of a power outage.


We understand the importance of the bereaved being able to pay their respects to a loved one before cremation or interment, and we take care of preparing and dressing human remains accordingly in a dignified and tasteful manner. Our dressing services are carried out in full accordance with relevant rites.