Omega Memorial Garden Cemetery, Ojodu

Omega Memorial Garden Cemetery, Ojodu is one of  our very own private cemeteries. Omega Funeral Gardens are  located at our Funeral Home in Ojodu, Lagos and Ota, Ogun State. We take great pride in providing one of the most sought-after private cemeteries in Lagos and Ogun State.

At our cemetery, we offer a variety of services and amenities to make the process easier for you. We also offer Single, Double and Family vaults ( 3 to 6 Chambers) providing the option for family members to be interred together in the same plot.

Cemetery Service Prices

Single Chamber
Single Unit Vault at Omega Memorial Garden, Ojodu
Double Chamber
Double Unit Vault at Omega Memorial Garden, Ojodu
Family Vault
Contact our sales team for 3 or more chamber vaults within Omega Memorial Garden
Local Government Permit
Local Government Permit
Vault Reopening
Opening of Vault
Pebble Stone Finish
Pebble Stone Finish
Patterned Granite. Stone finish
Patterned Granite. Stone finish

Omega is a fantastic funeral home. It is clean, tidy, neat, affordable, and the staff are extraordinary: They are professional, courteous, respectful, helpful, kind, and compassionate. I give the company an overall rating of 99%.

Toyin Lasisi

Omega funeral homes is only the best funeral home I know! Their services are top notch and they are very prompt at what they do. I highly recommend this organization to anyone who is looking for the best funeral service for his/her relative.

Abiola Awojoodu

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