If you look far back in history, you will find evidence of funeral rituals. They are not a modern invention, and have purpose and meaning.

There are several misconceptions about funerals. Some people think it makes the grieving person sad. But grieving itself is an important part of the healing process.

People must allow themselves to totally feel the pain in order to be free from it.

Some others feel that funerals are inconvenient and only meant for religious people. But funeral rituals are a privilege and an opportunity to honour the dead.

All cultures across the world create rituals to honour their dead because they know the importance of according the deceased person with honour and respect.

Here are some important needs of the living that funerals fill:

 It Helps People Accept Reality:

It can be extremely difficult to accept the reality of the death of a loved one. Our hearts and minds will rebel strongly against it.  Healing truly begins when people are able to accept that what has happened, ‘really happened’.

It Helps People Appreciate the Significance of the Deceased Life:

It has been said that, at the end of the day, it is loss that teaches us the value of a thing. At funerals people are able to express their deepest thoughts and feelings about the life and death of the deceased.


Funerals allows people to find support in others. People will come together from far and near to talk, support each other, pay their final respects and let you know they care.

 Remembering the Person Who Has Died:

At funerals, you could share special memories and moments you had with the deceased person with others through the eulogy, songs or readings. Remembering helps the family adjust to their loss.

 The Deceased Person Expected It:

The deceased loved one would have expected a funeral service after their passing.

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