What To Wear To A Funeral

The general funeral etiquette requires you to wear black clothing. Colours like navy blue, maroon and grey can be a good alternative. You should also dress in a conservative and respectful way. 

A number of factors will  determine what you choose to wear. For instance, Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and each group has its culture and own traditions. 

Your choice should be guided by the location, religion and culture of the family of the deceased. 

The age of the deceased and preferences of the family are other valid factors. Black clothing is especially necessary when the burial is for someone young.

If the family has a personalised theme for the funeral, then you should adhere to it. 

What To Avoid

Funerals are not ideal events to be rebellious. Do not dress to stand out and draw all focus to yourself. 

This shows respect neither to the family nor to the person who died. It’s a time to mourn the dead not stand out for cheap admiration from the living. 

Try to avoid wearing jeans (especially rag jeans), clothes that reveal your body, bright colours, flashy prints and jewelry and glittery fabrics. 

Avoid wearing white. In many cultures, it is a celebratory colour. Opt for other subdued colours or ask a family member to help you out. 

Casual Clothing

Traditionally, casual clothing is not appropriate for funerals. However, you may find that the deceased family expects less formal attire for certain occasions like a celebration of life or memorial service. 

Some families even  choose a colour combination for guests to wear. It is best to speak to a family member about their preferences. 

Children and Toddlers

What a toddler or child should wear is up to the discretion of the parents. However, plain dark clothing or smart age-appropriate clothes are the preferred option. 

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