Cemeteries reflect the history of a place; as many important figures are buried there. Today, cemeteries portray the past with grand architecture and quite a number of them in the world have become attractions. 

The New Lucky Restaurant

Lucky Restaurant

This is located in the hills of the Dharamsala region of India.

When construction began at the site, the old cemetery was uncovered and left undisturbed in order not to provoke the spirits. 

Patrons can pay their respects to the deceased by eating in the restaurant’s large hall, surrounded by pictures of the departed. 


The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

Hanging CemeteryVisitors can witness the spectacle of small wooden coffins, adorned with brightly coloured cloths and flowers, sitting high up in caves and on the cliffs of major mountain peaks in the region.

This was done as a way to provide the dead with a place to “rest in peace” and also, to be closer to the gods.


The Pirate Cemetery of Saint-PierrePirates Cemetery

This cemetery is home to the remains of hundreds of pirates and buccaneers who plundered the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean and have been laid to rest in Saint-Pierre. 

The most famous pirate interred here is Robert Culliford.


The Merry Cemetery, Maramures, Romania

The Merry CemeteryThe Merry Cemetery, Maramures, Romania, stands in stark contrast to the typically somber atmosphere of a cemetery.

Visitors to the Merry Cemetery of Maramureș can expect to find vibrant colors among the headstones; to find folk motifs with animals and flowers and humorous scenes depicting everyday activities.

Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo, JapanAoyama Cemetery

The Aoyama Cemetery is an important part of Japan’s cultural heritage. It is a monument to the many diverse cultures of Japan.

The cemetery houses the graves of many famous and influential people such as politicians, religious leaders, authors, and actors and actresses. 

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