There are times when paying thousands of naira to bury a deceased loved one just isn’t economically feasible.

Some may plan ahead to cover funeral costs, but sometimes people do not plan at all. It is not uncommon to find that they are surprised to learn that the funeral is terribly expensive.

Funerals are an important part of the grief and healing process. It provides an opportunity to honour the deceased person.

If cost is of grave concern to you, here’s all you need to do:

Ask For Donations

This may be a difficult thing to do because no one likes to appear financially despondent to their family and friends.

In difficult times however, you may need to seek their individual and collective support. Let them know the total funeral costs in specific terms and ask them what they can do to pay it off.

You shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility all by yourself. Alternatively, you may set up an online memorial page with fundraising.

Consider Getting a Loan

If feasible, get a loan that will not put you under a lot of pressure to repay. Ensure that you are capable of paying back at a future date.

Review Low-cost Burial Options

Fortunately, there are other available options you can explore. For instance, cremation is quite less expensive than the typical ‘casket’ burial.

Get Help from Local Churches

You could get help from your local church or the local church of your deceased loved one. This is a perfect way to raise funds especially if your loved one was an active member of a church or any other religious organization. The funeral service may be held at the church and members may assist you with food.

Life Insurance Policy

It is advisable to check whether any of the funeral costs has been covered under the deceased life insurance policy.

In conclusion, it is possible to set up a funeral that is very affordable, but does not look cheap.

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