It has been said that the bodies of the dead have long taught and trained the living. Therefore, donating your body would be a benevolent gift to the world. It would be used for medical research or the training of medical professionals.

Have you ever been a patient in life? If yes, you have benefited from the donation of someone else’s body. In the 1800s, zealous medical students and their students robbed graves in order to practice dissection.



Become a Lifesaver

Universities use cadavers to teach students about anatomy and physiology. Surgeons use same to aid their training, to develop new techniques and perform procedures such as joint replacements and transplants.

It could be used to explore transhumanism, advance robotics, arthroscopic surgery, and local anesthetic blocks administration.

This way you would have helped saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the years to come.


Promote Education

Research institutes use cadavers to discover how diseases impact the body. Forensic investigations use same to study how long decay occurs in the human body.

If a continual evolution of medical breakthrough is important to you, then you are a potential donor.

It Removes Financial Burden Off of Your Family

The typical funeral arrangements would no longer be necessary. Make your own research and only sign a donation agreement that you understand. Ensure your family knows your intentions.


Your family does not get paid for your donation.

They will be responsible for memorial services, obituaries and death certificates. The medical schools or medical research firms may give reimbursements for certain fees (movement of the body) and nothing more.

No Funeral Service

Have this difficult conversation with your family members as soon as possible. Your intention affects them as they would not be able to have a funeral service with your body present.

Note that just because you want to donate your body does not mean it will be accepted; and you will be able to withdraw at anytime if you change your mind.

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