The pandemic revealed many societal loopholes and we have learnt to improvise in some of these areas. At that time, many people all across the world went without the typical bereavement tools including the physical presence of family and friends.

It is also true that many people grieve in isolation. The danger of angry isolation is that it may turn into clinical depression or contemplations of suicide.

Online grief resources offer ability access to connect and share with others who are going through a similar grief journal. Some of these resources are outlined below:

Online Grief Counselling

Therapy platforms may be accessed by way of a website or a mobile app. Licensed therapists will offer a personalised service and guide you towards a healing process.

However, you should ensure that the site is trustworthy and professional.

Chat Groups

Chat groups are open at all times, every day on different social media platforms. For instance, Facebook chat groups provide a lot of information and support for different loss experiences.

Grief Support Sites

Online grief support sites are very useful tools providing a myriad of services including poems, inspirational quotes, informational articles, websites, books, newsletters and forums.

Sites provide advocacy for grieving individuals and families. The materials provided guides professionals and supports those dealing with grief.

Grief Peer

This gives a grieving person access and connection for one-on-one support. You may have live chats and video support sessions.

Grief Healing Discussion Groups

It connects people with others in their community and even in far away countries. Here, a person acquires helpful information, including messages of hope and healing.

However, these discussion groups should not be made a replacement for formal counselling sessions.

Stress Management Apps

These provides self-help methods to deal with grief and anxiety.

These support resources are available for different kinds of grief and people. Children, young adults, parents grieving their children and widows or widowers who cannot access local grief counselors will still have access to support.

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