How Much Is Too Much To Spend On A Funeral?

How Much Is Too Much To Spend On A Funeral?

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In the Muslim North of Nigeria, funeral is not so much a hassle as in the South. Most people are buried at little cost in accordance with Islamic traditions. 

However, in non-islamic areas, funerals have consumed a lot of resources. It is an event accorded a similar level of importance as a birth, especially when the deceased has lived a long life.

It is often said that family members would rather save up for the funeral than settle medical bills. This behavior is influenced by cultural pressure. 

Since social status is revealed during funeral ceremonies, many  have succumbed to these pressures and continue to carry the burden for a very long time. 

Some families never recover from burial debts after going overboard and beyond  to organize ‘a befitting burial’. 

Sometimes a second burial is even organized in honour of the deceased person. 


This is one way to avoid overspending on a funeral. Documenting and planning everything that is required of you will go a long way to reduce costs. 

Some funerals have all the trappings of a party. While that is cool to imitate, you must take into account the financial muscle of the people sponsoring your event. 


You must prioritize. There are different types of coffins with differing price ranges. 

If you buy an ornate coffin with velvet and pseudo-gold fitting when you do not have to, your expenses may result in bank loans. 

Some things are just not relevant within the context of the death. For instance, a younger death is a time for sorrow; and extravagance would be unnecessary.

Brochures, invitation cards, water, drinks, food items, gifts, canopies, undertakers, decorators, servers, security, MCs, DJs, ushers and photography feature in many funerals. 

You will also have to pay for the corpse, embalming, casket and burial space, inscription on tombstones and annual maintenance. 

However, you do not have to pay for all these things. Ask relatives and friends to help out with the cooking or decoration; then prioritize by first paying for the services you cannot do without. 

Alternatively, you can organize an in-house funeral; inviting only friends and a few acquaintances. 

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