Casket Vs Coffins

Casket Vs Coffins

Choosing a coffin or casket is a very personal decision. But then you might ask “what is a coffin?” and “what is a casket?”. 

The core differentiator between these two is in their appearance and design. You are free to visit Omega Funeral Home to see our products and learn the difference. 

A coffin and a casket both serve the same purpose of containing a body to be buried. Choosing is up to your preferences. 


  • Caskets are made of either wood or metal.
  • Caskets are rectangular in shape with only four sides. 
  • They have lids with hinges and are lined with cloth. 
  • Caskets are typically used in viewing the body during funerals. 
  • Caskets have rails that make transportation easy. 
  • Caskets are heavier, bulkier and more expensive than coffins. Little wonder they feature higher standards of workmanship.
  • Casket linings are more sophisticated than the ones used in coffins.  


  • Coffins have six sides and the top is wider than the bottom. It is so designed to fit around the human body. 
  • The design of a coffin saves money on wood and this makes it cheaper than a casket.
  • Coffins are made from varied materials including veneer, cardboard, bamboo, wool or wicker. 
  • Coffin handles are merely decorative. They were not made for the purpose of aiding transportation. 
  • Coffin linings are typically satin or silk. 

So How Do You Choose?

There are two major factors to have in mind when choosing between a casket and a coffin. Although the difference between them is subtle; it is marked.  

Costs: Caskets are made with better quality timbers. Coffins would be more cost effective, and may incur additional transportation costs. 

Personal preferences: at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want; what shape and style you prefer. 

You can visit our office or call us without delay, to find out why we provide the best services and sell the best products. 

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