How To Comfort A Grieving Friend

When a friend loses their loved one, you should understand that they are experiencing incredible loneliness and pain. 

It can be a difficult task to know what to say to them. Giving support can be even harder, but being there for your friends is the best thing to do in the aftermath of a loss. 

This is a time when they need your care, love and support more than ever. As sadness and pain slowly turns them into fragile beings, try the best you can to keep them from breaking. 

Show Up

This is the first thing you should do. Show up immediately after the loss and say something like ” I heard about your loss and I know that you’re going through a difficult time right now. I’m here.” 

Ask your friend how you can help and be true to your word. 

Make sure you stick around long after this initial wave of concern. There is no time limit on grief. They may continue to need your support for weeks, months or even years. 

Encourage Them

Your friend may feel isolated and uncomfortable around others. Encourage them to open up, but respect their need for space. 


Talk less and listen more. Be patient with them. Understand that their emotions may range from depression to explosive anger. Let your friend know that they can express how they feel without being judged. 

Check In On Them

Continue to call or check in with them. Be genuine in your communication. You might be surprised just how much that simple gesture can mean to them. 

Help Them Out

It is important for you to offer practical help. For instance, running errands, cooking, doing laundry or helping with childcare. Don’t wait to be asked. Few people like asking for assistance.

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