Cremation v. Burial 


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There are different ways to honor the dead in different cultures. 

Deciding whether to cremate or bury the body is a deeply personal but difficult decision. 

Remember, we are here to assist you whenever you are in need of assistance. 

This guide will help you understand the implications of cremation and burial. 


This involves burning the deceased body to ashes. The ash can be buried in the ground, scattered or kept by the family.

 Cremation is cost effective, takes less time, the process is simpler. 

It provides more flexibility with regards to moving the ash from one place to another. However, cremation is irreversible! 

Other concerns associated with this choice include:

  • Environmental impact: emission of gases released during cremation contributes to climate. 
  • Religious and cultural beliefs: it is important to discuss these options with your family. 

For some cultures, viewing the body is an important part of the funeral rites.

Many church denominations forbid cremation. For Muslims, it is totally unacceptable!


Burial is the more traditional choice. It is a ritual in which the body of the deceased is placed inside the ground. 

The body is intact, but breaks down over the years. 

Preserving the integrity of the body has been a significant reason for choosing this option. 

Loved ones of the deceased will always have a place to visit the remains.

Burials are more common, comfortable and familiar. 

For some christians, the burial ground is a symbol of both the burial and resurrection of Christ. 

However, the lack of biodegradability of caskets, the toxicity of embalming fluids and burial of corpses near the surface of the earth has been named as issues of concern to many.

What’s Your Decision?

Choosing will most likely be based on your budget, personal beliefs or religion. 

In the end, what matters is what feels right for you, your family and loved ones. 

To make an informed choice, you are free to discuss the various options with us and we shall implement your wishes effectively. 

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