Cemeteries are places where observing guidelines or rules of behaviour is very crucial. Tranquility and serenity are the major norms of a cemetery. 

Whenever you decide to visit one, these etiquettes will help you create and enjoy a courteous experience for yourself and other visitors. 

Do Your Own Research

When you’re visiting a cemetery for the first time, it might be helpful to find out what their rules are. 

Most cemeteries list these rules on their website. Alternatively, you may call them to gain more information about their visiting hours, rules and other regulations. 

Mind What You Do With Your Camera

Some cemeteries have very beautiful scenery and you may be tempted to take memories of the place back home with you. 

While taking photographs of old gravestones and epitaphs might be a fun way to spend the time, endeavour to leave visitors out of it or ask their permission first. 

Mind How You Talk To Strangers

Cemeteries provide an opportunity for people to stay quiet and reflect on the life of their deceased loved one or even their own lives. Some may have visited for an opportunity to talk to the deceased. 

Therefore, whenever you visit a cemetery, mind how you talk to strangers. Other visitors may desire to be alone. 

Just Be Respectful

Respect is a great virtue. You have to show it to the grave itself and other visitors. 

Touching headstones and monuments of people you don’t know is very disrespectful. Then again, imagine an old memorial falling apart under your slightest touch. 

Respect the privacy of others and give them their space. Understand that grieving people are irritable too. 

Do Not Leave Any Trash Behind

Endeavour to clean up before you leave. The final resting place of your loved one should remain in pristine condition. Most cemeteries have easily accessible trashcans. 

Drive With Care

Take care not to drive on grass. Follow the roadways and obey traffic signs. 

Keep a Close Watch Over Your Children and Pets

You should leash your pets and closely watch your children. Climbing on headstones and making loud noises is in no way a respectful way to behave. 

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