Omega Funeral Home is a top notch when dealing with the embalming and burial, their staffs are indeed professionals, especially Mr ALIU SODIQ. When my sister lost her mother in-law and I was asked to call Omega, one of their staffs was instructed to attend to me and he is somebody I will really recommend for promotion. He is not only doing the job as a staff, but his act of professionalism shows that he really knows his job. I can not tell how many times I put a call to him, also I had to connect him through many conference calls to my families outside of the country, even at odd hours of the night, he would wake up to answer my calls. Mr Sodiq is a detailed man and never get angry, he is indeed a great asset to OMEGA Funeral Homes. On behalf of the entire OLOPADE family I say thank you to Mr ALIU SODIQ and the entire staff of OMEGA Funeral Homes.

Yemi Olajugbagbe

The reception from the entry point (gate) to the office space (customer care) was very professional. The representative on ground took time to explain in detail the services rendered and all applicable cost including VAT. On the day of event, all services requested were efficiently discharged in a timely manner. Of particular interest, is the timing used to seal/cover up the grave for the departed. The plastering was monitored all through by a supervisor while the workers cemented the slabs in place. Overall, the service is top notch if affordable.

Adesola Aderinto

Omega funeral homes really are an embodiment of care and support especially during a period of loss. The entire team were so supportive all through the preparation for my darling father’s funeral. Very professional, supportive and pay attention to sensitive details. My family and I really appreciate your service.

Adenle Adebukola

I’m based in America and when I tell you Omega Funeral Homes made dealing with my father’s untimely death easy as can be, it is not an exaggeration. At the time of his death, Omega sent their team to handle all the affairs with the hospital because myself and my siblings were not on site. Anu was outstanding when it came to making the arrangements for the funeral. He was detail oriented and made sure that we stayed on task. On the day of the service of songs and the funeral, Christiana lead the charge to make sure that we worried about nothing. I could go on and on about how at ease and at peace Omega made sure we remained. There was no stress and everything was handled. Even though it was a devastating time for my family, Omega made sure there were no bumps in the road. This team is highly skilled and unmatched.

Megan Oduyela

When my mum suddenly passed, I was in shock. Obviously. I knew one thing for sure though, I was never going to put her in the ground for sacredly personal reasons. So I sought out, with the help of my family – a crematorium. Omega Funeral Homes. I must commend them extensively for the way this transition in my life was handled. The genuine care and concern, the extreme professionalism ( something that is becoming a rarity) the smooth flow of all the necessary steps right up to the final moment, the absolute sense of peace and tranquility their environment and premises offer when you step in… Also I’d like to SPECIFICALLY thank Christiana Olubiyi. Head, Ojodu branch; for being exceptional at her job! This experience turned out much better than I had subconsciously anticipated and I’m incredibly grateful to Omega Funeral Homes for that. I 100% recommend.

Keira Hewatch

On behalf my whole family, words alone will never be enough to express the gratitude, relief felt on the service received from OMEGA Funeral Homes (both here in the UK, as well as at Lagos) with the repatriation of the remains of our father, brother, husband.On the day of repatriation we were kept informed stage by stage, from start to final destination which brought huge relief. So thank you to Fola at UK side and Anu at Lagos. Thank you also to Slaters Funeral Services for the crucial part played in the repatriation process.

Susanna Wade

Absolute professionalism! Will definitely recommend.

Ifeoluwa Adebayo-Begun

I would recommend this guys over and over again for their organisation and Job well done. Thanks guys.

Olusegun Odofin

Absolutely satisfied with the touch of good customer service and delivery of services

Olu Banks

Thank you so much for a good service in the repatriation of my late dad from Texas to Delta Star. Fantastic door to door service. Well done Omega

Kenneth Aniya

Best place for every thing from morgue to burial. Professional and top notch. Will cost a pretty penny though.

Odudu-Abasi Essien

The most powerful thing that comes across is the compassion the Omega funeral team show when managing an otherwise difficult period. They provide a high level of comfort and are excellent at what they do. The facilities are clean, well kept and constantly updated. It felt like a great home to rest our mom and we’re glad we chose them. We opted for the complete service including the hall and got great value all round from connecting at the morgue to every aspect of the funeral service and reception. Omega gets 5 stars from us. We recommend them.

Ekundayo Odele

Omega funeral home team where very supportive and carried me along during the repatriation of my friend from the Uk to Nigeria, they explained every step to me and were very efficient

Olasusi Olabanji

They are very professional, patient and would always find a way to provide impeccable services  tailored to your budget without compromising quality of service. I cannot thank them enough for the way they handled my father’s funeral, it was very obvious that not only are their services very professional but they also are very caring.

Jite Pender

World class cemetery , very neat and dignified place . I lied my late mum at the OMEGA MEMORIAL GARDEN and I am 100 percent happy that we went with their services. Kudos

Ladun Thomas

Excellent funeral services, great display of compassion and efficient and professional staffs. It was great we choose them and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in their services.

Adedapo Kelvin Oduwole