Funeral Arrangement

We understand just how hard it is to lose a loved one. Grieving for a close family member or friend is difficult to deal with. In the middle of all those emotions, the responsibility of making funeral arrangements can be a heavy burden to bear.

That is why our experienced and compassionate teams are here to help. We can take on all aspects of planning a funeral to give you the time and space to come to terms with your loss. Or, we can work with you to provide professional support to help lighten the load.

In all cases, we will make the funeral arrangements according to your instructions to deliver exactly the kind of ceremony and commemoration you and your family desire. We do everything we can to accommodate all requirements, regardless of faith, belief or culture.

Some of the planning services we provide include:

  • Arranging for the preparation and delivery of flower wreaths.
  • Providing pall bearers, wreath bearers and brass band services to accompany the funeral procession.
  • Organising service halls for the ceremony. At our funeral home location in Ojodu, Lagos, we have a choice of a 50 and 200-seat hall al located-on site.
  • Hearse and other vehicles for transporting the casket and mourners to the ceremony.
  • On request, lying-in-state decoration will be arranged for the families.
  • Gravesite decorations, including wreath stands and tombstones. We will also supply an automotive lowering device for placing the casket into the ground for interment.

 In addition, we can also assist with a range of other tasks frequently required in making funeral arrangements, such as casket personalisation, organising professional photography and videography to document the ceremony, printing invitations, order of service pamphlets publishing an obituary of the deceased, music etc.